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  • Re: Making money without really trying.
    Obviously that fellow doesn't know Barry very well.      

    Who would've guessed that he weighed the antler in advance.   
  • Making money without really trying.
    Couple weeks ago I was spraying a field down South and found this Fn thing
    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    within 300 yds of where I started the 800 acres.  Spent the rest of the day sitting on pins and needles trying not to run over it's partner but I was lucky and never hit it or seen it.
    Fast forward to Friday evening when I took the big based unit that weighed 2 lbs 13 oz's up to a gathering of outdoorsy type people.  They was drinking some kinda pop that made them wobbly when I brought it in.  One of the fellows was an fur and antler buyer who said it didn't weigh 2 pounds so would give me $7 a pound for it.  I had him pas...
  • Re: Canoe seat mounts
    Very slick
  • Re: Canoe seat mounts
    What's it mounted to?

    Yep,they just clamp over the flat web seats...
  • Re: Canoe seat mounts
    If you thought that up you have a great idea.  If not, then you did a good job on the construction.


    Couldn't find anything I liked so,came up with these. I think they are going to work out pretty well.

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