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  • Those are some nice ones! Cant get nuttin to hit up here

  • I got a hold of the other woman in the car. She thought that the lion was looking? for road kill. As it was on the highway shoulder. Then darted across the highway in front of them. As for one eating road kill? I would say it would have to be pretty fresh. From what I have read on lions. Is they will eat on their own kills from 3-5 days. Or until the meat gets tainted. 

  • Sweet Ben! Nice fish for sure!

  • When this weekend started i didn't intend on it being a full weekend of bass fishing. Fri i had to test the outboard so i went to the susky. I threw the rods in just in case. After a half hour of making laps i pulled up on some shallow ledges. Started pitchin a tube. Landed sum fish and then hooked into a tank. A few head shakes and drag pulling it was all over. My sickle hook was pulled straight. Yesterday we did some house work and brush hoggin in the morning. In the afternoon we went to the local creek. I was pitchin a beaver bait for the first time and i like it. For shallows targeting wood it was nice. Caught a few bass then we worked our way into a deeper section. Around 4-5ft. I was working wood piles with a. Jig and just drug it over a log. Let it hit bottom and gave it a shake...

  • Nice!

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