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  • Re: My new box blind
    Very nice! I was gonna ask what the heck kind of standing seam roof that was but you already mentioned it. Good idea
  • Re: Lets make some jerky!
    I havent Dave. Been having such good luck and taste with the Cabelas cures, and Hi Mountain Seasonings, we been making one batch after another.
    That Chipotle sounds really good though. I'm willing to give it a whirl with that Instacure.    I'll PM ya the address.

    I bought a box of Cabela's Teriyaki cure because the girls made me and I didnt really care for it. I should give that away to someone who wants it. There's enough left to cure 10lbs of meat and it also uses the low heat curing salts.
  • Re: My new box blind
    Looks pretty nice.  If you add a recliner you can spend the winter in there.   

  • My new box blind
    A friend of mine tore down his wood deck to build a sun room on his house. I salvaged enough of the two-by lumber and deck boards to build a new box blind on the farm I hunt. I had to pull hundreds of nails from the old boards but hey, the wood was free. 

    Starting to take shape
    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    Just hung the door and working on the back wall.
    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    The door is also made from salvaged deck boards.
    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    It took a couple of days to complete, but the weather was pleasant
  • Re: Lets make some jerky!
    just pulled a load of the chipotle jerky out of the dehydrator (absolutely incredible) and got to thinking about this thread.  Have you had an opportunity to try the recipe? It's well worth the effort. Your girls will love it - my kids do.
    Also, if you're game, I'll send you some of the Instacure #1.  It's worth putting it in - adds flavor and keeps it from turning real dark.  PM me your address and I'll put an ounce or so in an envelop. You only need a little bit, but if you go to order it you get a ten years supply.

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